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How Field Engineer can help find the right job for you
When you have completed your Computer Science programs or Computer Engineering degree and it comes time to look for jobs, Field Engineer offers a personalized platform that you can use to search through an array of freelance jobs.

An innovative job site, it has the benefit of matching your experience to roles (helping you to narrow down jobs that fit), allows you to request payments through the app, work hours that are convenient to you and keep in contact with your employers through a messaging platform. All of these features will help you to grow your career and to get an extensive portfolio that will appeal to more employers in the long run.

There is a high demand for Computer Science and Computer Engineering jobs globally, therefore by building a strong knowledge in the field through your degree and experience, you can stand out from the crowd an impress potential employers.

An associate degree is a good consideration in terms of time and money, but many positions may require you to also complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in order to fit the role. If you’re looking to advance your career and take on this degree, just keep in mind the intensity of the work that comes with it and the possibility of taking on further education.

So what job opportunities can Computer Science and Computer Engineering lead to?
Graduating with a Computer Science major or a Computer Engineering major can lead to a plethora of career paths. Opening the doors to automation, telecommunication, and other roles, there are no limits of what you can do with your degree.
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